Please read the full page before filling out your application, thank you!

Perks of Being an Ambassador:

  • Each time your 15% off discount code is used, you’ll receive points toward free merchandise! Points will be awarded monthly
  • Occasional goodie packages will be sent out to ambassadors with new products to promote
  • Monthly sales competitions between ambassadors to win big prizes
  • First access to sales and promotions 

No experience required!


  • You must currently be an active member of one of the sororities that Made by Mollz is licensed by 
  • Your Instagram account must be public at all times UNLESS your chapter requires your account to be private during recruitment. If this is the case, please include this information in your application
  • You will be required to post at least 2 times per month wearing Made by Mollz merchandise
  • You will be required to post at least 4 promotional story posts per month


Frequently Asked Questions About the Program:

What are you looking for in an ambassador?

I am looking for someone who has a bright personality, that is highly engaged on social media, and most importantly loves our products! I am wanting to create a strong community of women that are actively ready to share content, give opinions on new products, and be involved in the future of Made by Mollz.

When is the application due and when will you be selecting the ambassadors?

Applications are due on Tuesday, January 19. Ambassadors will receive an email of their acceptance letter on or before Tuesday, January 26. You will not receive an email if you have not been selected for the program.

How many ambassadors are you going to pick?

We currently do not have a set number! It all depends on how many applications we receive. We are thinking anywhere between 25-50.

Do we have to purchase a lot of merch to promote?

Nope! Ambassadors will receive a welcome package with items to promote for their first posts. From there, ambassadors will earn points from the discount code that they can redeem for free merchandise!

Do you have to be a certain size to apply?

No you do not! All sizes are welcome to apply!

Can you still compete in Instagram Giveaways?

Yes absolutely! Giveaway winners are chosen by a random generator so if you enter, you have as good of a chance of winning as anyone! 

What are you looking forward to the most about having ambassadors?

This is something that I’ve been wanting to do since I started Made by Mollz! I love the idea of having a group of women across the country that wants to support us, loves our products, and was to be involved in shaping the future of the company. I am really looking forward to building a tight knit community of women that has a backbone of love, hard work, and kindness!

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